Publishing masterpieces

The act of publishing art on a blockchain is called minting. Minters are usually created by storefronts (OpenSea, Objkt…) to help beginners publish an image or a video. Here is a look at how we built the leading batch minter, used by over a thousand artists on Tezos.


Creators often mint multiple derivative works in one art collection: upload an image, write a description, add tags, wait for the blockchain to create the item. Repeat this hundreds of times, and you have a tedious day ahead of you.

In order to redesign the minter experience, we decided to think laterally. We looked at publishing tools in other media. YouTube Creator Studio is a great example: you can publish multiple videos, edit their details while you upload. We needed to translate this kind of experience for the blockchain.


We found the experience very straightforward: instead of keeping the old design language that focused on blockchain centric terms, we reused terminology from video sites. It felt familiar and powerful.

Over the months, the tool became affectionately referred to as “Hyperminter”. It has been the go-to tool for advanced creators, and used to publish tens of thousands of artworks. It has been the subject of multiple UX improvements, which are at the heart of Tezos Social.

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