Music & Social Platform

Designing emotions

Music is a language of emotions. It’s how we connect with our community, it’s present in our most difficult or cherished moments. Music platforms ignore this: they function the same whether a single person or millions listen to the same song. We rethought the listening and discovery experience with fan communities in mind.

Publishing music and art should be as easy as it is on social platforms. Free of complicated forms or submission processes. Simply add your music for the world to listen to and comment on your creation. Streaming platforms like Spotify, with their bureaucratic upload process and lack of social features, cannot achieve this.

Creators are experimenting with ways to self-publish. Rather than using Spotify and YouTube, they mint their songs and distribute directly to their community. Independence comes with a cost: the listening experience of NFTs is underwhelming. Even on OpenSea, their barebones player takes several seconds to buffer, stops playback when navigating to other pages, and doesn’t have playlists or queues.


Our player “just works”, the way you’d expect. But we had to do better than that: NFTs can be seen anywhere. Every song minted on DNS includes this player as a standalone application. Artists can guarantee a high quality experience whether you play on DNS, view it listed on OpenSea, or from within your wallet.


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