Smart Wallets

Reinventing identity

Wallets are often thought of as an identity. A way to log in to a website, hold your assets, and pay. It’s kind of Apple ID meets iCloud and Apple Pay. But if one thing goes wrong, it can get very costly. We believe the solution lies in giving users the ability to have multiple wallets, under one umbrella account. We built this solution for the Tezos ecosystem.


The Tezos and Ethereum communities have been reflecting on account abstraction: a smart contract where you can verify that you own multiple wallets. This is highly technical work, which requires extensive design work to be easy to use. This is why we were the first team to deliver such a system in a consumer app.


We modeled the experience of combining wallets after well-understood flows where a user would authenticate multiple email addresses. Users can bring their existing wallet(s) or create a new wallet using their Twitter or Google accounts (we partnered with Magic’s to deliver non-custodial wallets).

The results speak for themselves. Besides being first to show the viability of account abstraction, it gives users peace of mind knowing their keys and content are safe.

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