Social Rollups

Better, Faster, Twitter

Blockchains are slow. The cost of decentralization is paid in performance. In order for us to deliver an experience on par with web2 services for Tezos Social, we created a rollup technology that combines the technology of blockchains, the storage of IPFS, and the fastest elements of web2 infrastructure.

DNS Social Rollup
Traditional blockchain

On the best blockchains, even the simplest actions take 15 seconds to validate. Imagine if posting a photo or replying to a comment on Instagram took 15 seconds! Lens Protocol is plagued by this system: publishing a post on Lens requires creating an NFT, signing with your wallet, waiting for the NFT to be minted. IPFS storage is also inadequate for fast loading speeds: while it’s a necessary step to keep a user’s data available, it’s just not as performant as CDNs.


For Tezos Social, we created a hybrid system. This system publishes to web2 first, just as quickly as Instagram. Every post, reaction and comment is saved on IPFS, and the hash is then minted on the blockchain every 10 minutes. This ensures 1) data is always open 2) we are not penalized by waiting for the blockchain. Another upside to this method is that users are not the ones who pay for the creation of content, so there is no need to charge them for it.

It’s the fastest decentralized social platform to date, and also the most open, since it uses IPFS and NFTs.

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