MVP Development

Simplicity is difficult

May 2021
June 2022
June 2023
May 2021 started as an identity platform, “Linktree on blockchain” . The proliferation of new standards, and adoption of DIDs by W3C and the growing masses of crypto adopters made a compelling problem point. This was met with 70,000+ sign ups, and very positive user and media response. In spite of this success, users didn’t update their profiles often, resulting in low engagement. The team set out to discover a more sustainable business case.

June 2022

The delight was in discovering creators and music that you wouldn’t find on traditional platforms. This reframed the problem into adapting the classic UX of music and video for web3. What does a profile look like, when your content is decentralized? This resulted in a completely different MVP , built on the lessons of the previous product. This grew the product to 50,000 MAU and received very positive response in spite of the major change.

June 2023

The new music player and cross chain profiles enabled better growth and retention. Still, the discussion around blockchain music and art happens predominantly on Twitter. What if it happened directly within the item? The team collaborated with the Tezos ecosystem to build a new social protocol. Unlike Lens Protocol, it would need to work without owning cryptocurrency, or users signing every action. The music and art platform became social in order to better serve the community.

People change. Their problems change. Products need to change too. Too often, technologies are built first and then try to convince people of its usefulness. Products shouldn’t be sacred, but reinvented.