Our track record

    Led over 30 games, including 3 of the top 10 most downloaded

    Shipping products on IPFS since 2016, keynotes at IPFS Camp and DWeb Camp

Our philosophy

Gunpei Yokoi, creator of the Game Boy, described his product development process as “lateral thinking, with withered technology”.

Most products are built because of a new investor trend. Something to put on a pitch deck to justify the product’s existence. Build it, hype it, and move on to the next shiny trend until you make it.

At their heart, the best products are built with respect for their users at every level of their design and technology. It is out of a desire to understand another person’s often unarticulated needs, and relentlessly trying to find novel ways to meet them. Whether we need to create bleeding-edge technology or use well-understood concepts, our goal is always to satisfy a need.

Take this site for example. We’ve made sure every video is as lightweight as possible, picking the resolution, bitrate and codec by hand. While it’s loading, it will show a small vector preview (to prevent ugly gaps, or loading more previews). If something isn’t on the page, it won’t try to load or to render. Every asset is served through a CDN.

Design firms such as Mathematic, Design Studio, Blur, make beautiful video campaigns. However, the way their websites are programmed fails to showcase this work. Your laptop will heat up trying to render everything at once. Your phone will struggle to stream gigantic videos.

This attention to how things are built gave us a 10x improvement in performance. It means you can browse this site while on the subway. It’ll still delight.

Who we are

Shoku has been a leadership position in multiple game studios, shipping over 30 games, including 3 of the top 10 most downloaded. He has been creating products on IPFS since 2016.
Chris has run teams in games (50 game portfolio, 1Bn downloads), blockchain, VR, and data science. He has also been creating products on IPFS since 2016.
Art Director
Zarker is veteran VFX and creative director from the leading French creative agency, and a prolific web3 artist.
Sr Eng
On top of his 15 years of exp, Tyler has created blockchains from scratch, plus 7 years of smart contract experience.
Frontend Eng
Illusion is a frontend developer with 5 years of experience. We often suspect he is actually 5 people.