Collectible Cuteness

The best products have a soul. They go beyond simply meeting functional goals: they are fun. While working with musicians and artists, we noticed they wanted high quality giveaways for their community. It was a problem we encountered ourselves: we wanted to give users cute profile pictures. We set out to design cute characters that could easily be decorated and reused in collaborations.


These characters needed to:

    Feel premium, while remaining cute

    Easily be branded, with multiple options for accessories

    Have rapid turnaround, reusing as much of model and rig as possible

We looked to premium toys such as Munny and Funko Pop, which have a common recognizable shape, feel premium through their presentation and limited editions, and feature hundreds of declinations, sometimes in vastly different styles.


We also looked at games such as Fortnite and Overwatch, which regularly rotate seasonal and branded skins for their characters.


We quickly landed at a simple character that could be extensively customized via cosmetics and accessories.

Inspired by the visual language of premium toys, these characters feel like valuable collectibles.


Soundmojis have been used to promote hip hop artist Kane Mayfield, as well as the TezTalks Live podcast.

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