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Our founders worked on over 30 mobile games, with multiple titles hitting the top 10. Game thinking focuses on finding respectful ways to engage an audience, towards a business goal.

Kane Mayfield is a respected rapper, whose pioneering work in AI music videos is loved by collectors across multiple blockchains. He wanted to get his music video in more hands, by experimenting on price points and reward mechanics for participants.

We came up with a website where fans could directly buy the release from the artist. It featured tiered rewards: fans could buy one copy of the song for $10, or multiple at once. Repeat buyers would be ranked in a leaderboard.


    The top 50 buyers received a Kane Mayfield Soundmoji created for the occasion.

    Top 20 received a limited edition remix of the song and unlockable lyrics and mp3

    The top collector would be placed in the music video (making it so that every future viewer would see their support)

The release was conducted over 4 days, where he promoted the event on social platforms. We made a promotional trailer for the occasion. The leaderboard made it easy for Kane to have regular updates to the community, and for people to check their rankings and decide whether they would collect additional editions.

“I’ve sold more copies with you in 6 hours, than I did in 6 years of streaming”

In spite of the lower price point, this was his most successful release to date: 500 editions were sold to 100 collectors, nearly 5x the collectors and 2x the revenue of his previous best. It accounted for 25% of music NFT sales that month, despite selling for $10 a copy.

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