VFX Production

Videos that move you

Beautiful products require beautiful presentation. We think blockchain is rife with overly complicated and confusing technical terms and stories. To make the value clear to anyone, we wanted to tell the story simply and beautifully. For the launch of our music platform, we combined a minimalist tone, with bold futurist aesthetics and collaborated with electronic music industry legend Alec Empire for the score.

This is a teaser video, designed to introduce a major update to an existing product. DNS.xyz went through a major transformation, from an identity platform, to a music and social platform. We designed a drip campaign, to progressively explain to existing and new users how the site would change. This teaser was premiered at the Tezos NFT Summit at NFT x NYC 2023. Music was scored by electronic music pioneer Alec Empire of Atari Teenage Riot.

This is a detailed product showcase for the launch of our music platform. It showcases the most advanced music player in web3 with deeply integrated social features. Most products in its category are complicated, with difficult UX. The goal of this video was to showcase familiarity, and a design that remains beautiful on both desktop and mobile.